Monday, September 17, 2012

CT's Award Winning Pork Green Chili at Gilley's in the Treasure Island Casino Resort, Las Vegas!

Gilley's Saloon!

     Gilley's has always been one of my favorites!  Gilley's was once located at The New Frontier casino resort in Las Vegas.  The New Frontier was one of the classic old casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and the famous Stardust Casino was next door.  That section of the Las Vegas Strip underwent some major changes a few years ago when the economy was booming.  The New Frontier casino was demolished to make way for a new casino resort project.  When the economy turned sour, so did the huge new casino resort project.  Now the land sits empty and a skeleton of framework for the unfinished Echelon resort casino is all that stands.
     The former owner of the New Frontier casino, Phil Ruffin, recently purchased the Treasure Island Casino.  Phil Ruffin made many positive changes at Treasure Island and the casino resort became even more customer friendly.  One of new additions to Treasure Island was Phil Ruffin's Gilley's Saloon.  
     Gilley's Saloon was famous back in the days of The New Frontier.  The New Frontier sign board always advertised Bikini Bull Riding and Mud Wrestling at Gilley's!  Gilley's had some great country western musicians playing on stage.  Gilley's was a western saloon and roadhouse that was a marquis symbol of how wild the west was in Las Vegas!
     When the New Frontier casino closed, people missed Gilley's.  I used to go to the old Gilley's for a good western beef steak dinner.  When friends from out of town flew to Las Vegas for a visit, I usually brought them to Gilley's for dinner and drinks.  Everybody that I brought to Gilley's fell in love with the place!  The old west saloon charm, country western music, old west style food and bikini bull riding was enough to give my friends something to talk about for years!
     Phil Ruffin missed the old Gilley's Saloon.  Customers missed the old Gilley's Saloon.  In fact, everybody missed Gilley's!  Phil Ruffin did the right thing, by reopening Gilley's in the Treasure Island Casino.  
     The new Gilley's at Treasure Island has that same charm and atmosphere as the old Gilley's.  There is a band stage and a large dance floor.  Horse saddles are the seats at the long old west style bar!  The walls are decorated with old west memorabilia.  Antique old west standing cowboy one arm bandit slot machines are by the entrance and they are a part of Las Vegas history that must be seen!  Of course, the bikini bull riding tradition lives on at the new Gilley's.  Yeehaw!
     I sat down on a saddle at the bar at Gilley's and I was "happier than a pig in poop" to be back in one of my favorite Las Vegas places that I missed so much!  I really liked the new Gilley's as soon as I walked in through the doors.  The horse saddle seats at the bar really put me in a mood for an ice cold beer and a hot bowl of chili.
     Gilley's menu offers steaks, many regional styles of BBQ, trendy snacks, Mexican food, salads and burgers.  Three kinds of chili are on the menu.  Gilley's chili is an old west style chili with all the toppings.  A vegetarian chili is on the menu and that is a wise item to offer, because many vegetarians like spicy southwestern cuisine.  
     I chose to have a bowl of CT's Award Winning Pork Green Chili!  This chili took first place in the regional chili cook off contest.  CT's Pork Green Chili is made with chunks of pork, slow simmered with poblano chiles.  In Mexico, chile con carne is almost always made with pork and green chile peppers.  Chile con carne can be quite spicy hot in Mexico.  Chile con carne does look like this green chile at Gilleys', but the difference is that the CT's Pork Green Chili is mild enough for everybody to enjoy.  The flavor of this great pork green chili at Gilley's is something that must be experienced!
     The CT's Pork Green Chili was garnished with sour cream and jalapeno corn bread was served on the side.  The jalapeno corn bread tasted great and it had a nice texture.  A cold beer, a good bowl of chili and tasty corn bread while sitting on a horse saddle at a saloon really gave my day in Las Vegas an old western style kick!  I was in honkey-tonk heaven!  
     I highly recommend Gilley's for visitors of Las Vegas and locals alike!  Gilley's is a symbol of the old west, Las Vegas style!  After a few beers, you may end up riding side saddle at the bar.  After a few more beers, the bikini bull riding becomes a must try!  Yeehaw!  
     Yum!  ...  Shawna     

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