Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kona Coffee Milkshake at Lappert's Ice Cream in the California Casino, Las Vegas ~ Fremont Street!

Shakin' n Bakin'!

     When a craving strikes, go with it!  The weather is finally warming up, after a chilly high desert winter.  This is the time of year when feeling good is all that matters.  A milkshake has a way of putting a smile on a face.  A milkshake?  While having a wild night in downtown Las Vegas?  Why not!  Just because this is Las Vegas, it does not mean that cocktails are the required drink.  Slurping on a good shake while wandering around and having fun on Fremont Street is a nice experience!
     There is so much going on in Las Vegas and so much to see.  Everything is going on everywhere 24/7!  For the most part, Las Vegas locals and visitors tend to stay comfortably sober, even when enjoying cocktails.  Getting bombed only results in losing out on fun opportunities.  Since there is no 2:00AM cut off line drawn for alcohol consumption in Nevada, there is no rush to soak up the suds before the bell tolls.  The party goes on and on endlessly.  In Las Vegas, there is no such thing as the illusion of time!
     After having a good day, I had a craving for something sweet.  An old fashioned milkshake sounded like a good idea.  Since I am on a student budget while earning a degree in hospitality management, spending top dollar for a milkshake at a trendy brand new restaurant would not have been a wise choice.  A milkshake at a fast food joint was out of the question.  Milkshakes that come out of a soft serve machine are not real milkshakes.  Old fashioned traditional hand scooped ice cream milkshakes are the real deal and they are the best.
     I have heard great things about Lappert's Ice Cream over the years.  Lappert's Ice Cream started in Hawaii and their ice cream is rated as one of the world's best.  Lappert's offers unique Hawaiian ice cream flavor combinations that are well thought out and they are gourmet by any standard.  A hand scooped ice cream milkshake at Lappert's sounded like a great idea! 
     Las Vegas is often referred to as being the ninth Hawaiian island.  Downtown Las Vegas is a favorite destination of Hawaiian visitors.  The California Casino is Hawaii central!  Since Lappert's is a Hawaiian ice cream shop, Lappert's location in the California Casino makes sense.  There are many great Hawaiian specialty shops and restaurants in the California Casino.  Lappert's Ice Cream is located on the second floor of the casino.  The second floor food court of the casino has tables with umbrellas in a tropical Hawaiian setting.  The atmosphere is perfect for enjoying a good milkshake made with Hawaii's most famous ice cream.  
     I decided to try the Kona Coffee ice cream shake at Lappert's.  The milkshake was served plain with no toppings and that is okay by me.  Honestly, the milkshake did not need to be dressed up with fancy toppings, because the flavor did all the talking!  The coffee flavor in the Lappert's shake was not weak like most commercial coffee ice creams tend to be.  Nobody likes a weak cup of coffee and Lappert's obviously realized this when they created the Kona Coffee ice cream!  The coffee flavor was rich and it had that great Hawaiian Kona flavor that only Hawaiian volcanic soil can produce.  The shake was rich, thick and satisfying!   
     I highly recommend Lappert's Ice Cream at the California Casino for visitors and locals here on the ninth island, Las Vegas!  Lappert's offers desserts, pastries and sundries and their ice cream is nothing less than awesome!

     After the fine milkshake experience at Lappert's, I was ready for another kind of experience.  The Fremont Street Experience!  The old original Las Vegas casinos are located in the downtown area.  Downtown is the old charm of Las Vegas.  The Fremont Street Experience is a few city blocks long.  There is solid nightlife and entertainment going on every night of the week.  The world's largest high resolution video screen serves as a canopy over Fremont Street.  Light shows set to music take place throughout the night.  
     There are several band stages on Fremont and the entertainers are top notch.  Tyler James "Elvis", The Spazmatics and Muse Le Deux Dancing DJ's were performing the night I was there.  The house was rockin'!  
     A lot was going downtown on Fremont Street and there were a few new attractions, so I snapped a lot of photos.  A portion of the photos are posted in today's Lappert's Ice Cream review article.  The rest will follow in an upcoming post.  Not a lot needs to be said about Fremont Street, because it is a place that is meant to be experienced.  The pictures above can be viewed full size in a slide show mode by clicking on any photo.  Click a pic and get your Fremont Street Experience on!  Yum!  ...  Shawna      

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