Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bargain Shopping for Wine and Liquors at Lee's Discount Liquor in Las Vegas!

     Like most chefs, I enjoy browsing the shelves of a good liquor store for bargains.  I have turned up some very good deals on French and Italian wines by doing so in the past.  Many times, a French wine can be be priced well below the actual value, because a clerk cannot read the French language on the label!
     Many Americans simply avoid the French wine section, because they also do not understand the labels on French wine.  This can create a "clear the shelves of slow moving items" situation in a liquor store.  While in Chicago, I purchased some fine $80.00 bottles of French chateau wine for less than $8.00 a bottle!  Whether the wine was mistakenly placed on sale or not, it does not matter.  Recognizing a bargain or just purchasing through intuitive skills can result in a real bargain on fine French wine.
     French domaine wines are the Cadillac of less costly wines and they are a grade above the table wine classification.  Many French domaine wines easily exceed the quality of the finest California wine.  French domaine wines are often on sale for less than $5.00 a bottle.
     Lee's Liquor of Las Vegas is one of my favorite liquor stores.  There are several locations in the Las Vegas valley and all of Lee's liquor stores offer fine wines and hard to find liquors.  A few of the Lee's Liquor stores are very large and they have an extensive selection of fine wine.  Bargains on the very best California wine, Italian wine and French wine can be easy to find in the larger Lee's Liquor stores.
     In the American west coast region, the best bargains for fine wine can be found in the California wine section of a liquor store.  Stocking French wine is of second importance in western states.  French wines are often overlooked by California wine snobs and that can create opportunities for bargains on fine French wine!
     I saw some tremendous bargains on fine recent vintages of French Chateau wines on the shelves at Lee's Liquor today.  Some of the 2010 French chateau estate reserve bottles were priced at $7.00 to $12.00.  If those bottles were left to mature and age for 5 to 12 years, the the prices would exceed ten times the original purchase price.  A one year old bottle of fine wine has not even come close to being mature, therefore by allowing the wine to age patiently, a bargain is created!
     Personally, I know less about California wine than French or Italian wine, even though I grew up in California.  I have found fewer disappointing wines when shopping for French or Italian wine in the past.  California has more than its share of poorly crafted wines that are made by inexperienced over zealous wineries.  I am a little bit rusty at selecting the very best of California wines and I will have to become familiar with the finer California wines again, now that I am now living in the west.  A few California wines do compare to the finest French wine.
     Rare and hard to find liquors, aperitifs and cordials can be found at Lee's.  I posted a picture of a mini bottle of a liquor from Amsterdam that has been recently marketed in America.  Agua Blanca or Agua De Bolivia is a liquor that is made with coca leaf.  The coca leaf hydrochloride alkaloids are extracted before shipping to the American market, just like coca syrup that is used for making coca cola.  I have had agua blanca that has not had the active hydrochloride alkaloids extracted in the past and the effect is pleasantly stimulating.  The very nice unique coca leaf flavor remains in Agua De Bolivia liquor even after the hydrochloride alkaloid denaturing process.  I like the flavor of natural coca flour or coca tea and I have posted recipes that require coca leaf as an ingredient in the past.  The first and secondary alkaloids of coca leaf are strong antioxidants and that makes the Agua De Bolivia liquor very appealing.
     The staff at Lee's is friendly, courteous and well educated about the products that they stock.  If you have questions, you will receive good answers!
     Learning about wines and liquors is part of being a cook or chef.  Finding bargains does make that education much cheaper!  Lee's Liquors is a good place to browse labels and find bargains in Las Vegas!  ...  Shawna      


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