Monday, October 3, 2011

The International Marketplace, Las Vegas!

        The International Marketplace is not only a favorite of Las Vegas locals, it is a tourist destination for visitors of this city.  The International Marketplace is located at 5000 South Decatur and it is near the intersection of Tropicana in Las Vegas.
     The International Marketplace features fine food from every country in the world.  The selection and quality of the food is unbelievable!  Anything and everything food is stocked at the International Marketplace.  The marketplace is actually a gigantic building that is stocked full of hard to find exotic food items.
     Many people refer to the International Marketplace as an eye candy destination!  It literally is one of the biggest exotic food markets in the world.  People have been known to spend several hours looking at imported exotic food at this market.  Food label reading at this market can be inspirational for discovering new cooking ideas!  Even chefs who have 20 or more years experience, like myself, can find plenty of imported food items that are unheard of at the International marketplace!  If you are bored from eating the same old entree recipes and are looking for a new cooking ideas, then this is the place to go.
     There are so many food items to chose from at this market.  Each aisle represents a different region of the world.  Each aisle is stocked full of imported food items.  Everything from Arabic food to Zimbabwe cuisine can be found in this market.
     The Italian section is loaded with great artisan pastas and hard to find specialty items.  A huge selection of fine olive oils, vinegar and balsamic vinegar can be found in this section of the store.
     British food is plentiful.  High quality German food is popular at this time of year for the Octoberfest celebration.  French and Swiss food is well stocked.  Traditional fresh and imported baked goods are of the highest quality.  The huge asian half of the market offers a wide variety of gourmet hard to get items.  Imported candy, licorice and asian sweet snacks are stocked at the market.  The fresh Pacific seafood and fresh exotic produce sections are loaded with interesting items.
     Persian, Arabic, Balkan and Greek specialty items are abundant.  Middle eastern spice mixtures are well stocked.  Spice mixtures are great for cooks who want to experience accurate middle eastern flavors, before mixing their own spice blends.
     Mexican, Central American and South American food are stocked.  Many Incan food items are stocked in the latin food section.  Purple maize pudding, Cuzco giant maize, maca, quinoa and dried potatoes are just a few of the high Andes Incan items that are available.
     Exotic cooking vessels and tableware from all places around the world are available at this market.  Moroccan tagines, woks, steamers, Mongolian grills, tandori ovens, Korean barbecues and many other hard to find exotic kitchen items are stocked at the International Marketplace.
     Basically, if you can think of an imported food item, then the International Marketplace has it in stock!
     I highly recommend The International Marketplace for visitors of Las Vegas and locals alike.  This is one of my favorite places to shop for gourmet items in Las Vegas!

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