Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spicy Deep Fried Crispy Catfish at Kung Fu Thai and Chinese Restaurant!

     Spicy Deep Fried Crispy Catfish at Kung Fu Thai and Chinese Restaurant! 
     The Kung Fu Thai and Chinese Restaurant has been in business since 1973 and it has a fabulous reputation for great tasting authentic Thai and Chinese food.  This business touts itself as being a diner style restaurant and the atmosphere certainly is comfortable.  The Kung Fu Thai and Chinese Restaurant is located at 3505 South Valley View at the intersection of Spring Mountain.
      When I saw the Kung Fu sign for the first time, my first thought was that this place must be a Kung Fu School.  On a second glance, it is easy to see that this establishment actually is a restaurant, because nobody passing through the doors looked like they were going there to take Kung Fu lessons.  Looks can be deceiving, because there are many different kinds of lesson in the world of Kung Fu.

     After settling in, I ordered a large bottle of Chang Beer.  Chang Beer is made in Thailand and it is a crisp clean tasting lager.  Chang is a high quality lager that pours easily into a glass with a traditional lager head.  This was the first time that I tried Chang Beer and I was impressed!
     I ordered Spicy Deep Fried Crispy Catfish from the Thai entree section of the extensive menu.  I ordered spicy heat level #10.  Spicy #10 is as spicy hot as Thai food gets!  In Las Vegas, when you ask for spicy, you will not be disappointed.

     The Kung Fu Thai and Chinese Restaurant Menu is written in three languages.  Each item on the menu has Thai, Chinese and English descriptions.  The menu offers many great specialty items and popular traditional favorites.
     The Spicy Deep Fried Crispy Catfish was delicious!  The thin sliced catfish steaks were crispy and crunchy.  The rice was fresh and sticky.  Several customers in the restaurant looked at my plate of food with interest.  The wait staff was overjoyed to see me order spicy level #10, because they like to see naive customer reactions to extremely spicy food, just like most of us sadists do!  Spicy food does present entertaining moments!  As one can see in the pictures above, the entree hat a red hot chile pepper tint and the entire entree was thoroughly saturated with the sauce.  This is because Thai cooking involves brief periods of stewing, which increase flavor.

     The chef did a masterful job of balancing the high level of spicy heat, so that a nice tasting effect was created, which did not overwhelm the secondary subtle flavors.  This was the best plate of spicy food that I have had in a long time.  The chile flavor lingered and climbed to peak intensity, while at mid level, the subtle flavors of the entree mingled.  Thai basil flavors and garlic opened the senses with every bite.  Kung Fu Thai has a talented chef!

     The dining experience at the Kung Fu Thai Restaurant was a very good one.  The service was polite, professional, attentive and fast!  The dining area and bar looked clean and organized.  The dining area was brightly lit and the decor was very interesting.  It was like being in a diner style restaurant in Thailand or South China.
     The restaurant was very busy and most of the clientele were Asian.  There was one large round table where an Asian family of over 15 people were seated and they all were digging into the food with smiles on their faces.  This is a very good sign that the food is authentic and good tasting!

     I recommend the landmark Kung Fu Thai and Chinese Restaurant for visitors of Las Vegas and locals alike!  The food is of high quality, there is no shortage of great flavors and the cuisine is prepared by a great chef!  Yum!

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