Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Dessert Menu Example


     A Dessert Menu Example   
   A baking & pastry arts class assignment at chef school required creating a five item dessert menu.  The dessert menu had to feature individual dessert creations made with lemon curd tart, chocolate truffles, ice cream, pate a choux and creme patisserie.  The exercise was designed to start the menu planning thought process.
     This assignment was easy for students that had work experience.  I have written many restaurant menus in the past.  I used to rely on writing a dessert menu consisting of popular items that were proven sellers.  Now that I live in Las Vegas, a bolder approach can be taken.
     In Las Vegas, exciting desserts are served in every fine restaurant.  Fabulous presentations of fine desserts command a nice price.  As a pastry chef, Las Vegas is the place to let it all hang out!

     When writing a dessert menu, the object is to describe the dessert items in a way that naturally creates customer interest.  
     Fruit flavors are the collective theme of the Caribbean resort style dessert menu in today's example.   
     The chocolate truffle dessert is actually intended to be coated in pure edible gold foil.  A shiny pure gold coated treasure chest!  
     Croquembouche for two is a classic French dessert item.  Fried ice cream lollipops were an idea that I have kicked around for months.  
    A Salvador Dali surrealistic presentation of a lemon tart in a bird cage is actually based on a classic French caged lemon tart recipe. 
     When writing a dessert menu, have fun and be creative.  Design the dessert menu so it coordinates with the theme of the dinner menu.  Many customers visit a fine dining restaurant with only the intention of ordering dessert, so the dessert menu lingo should be capable of romancing their interests.     


Lemon Tart in an Amber Sugar Bird Cage - A surreal presentation of lemon curd tart garnished with white raspberries and dark chocolate mint molecular gelee displayed in an amber sugar bird cage.
Pina Colada White Chocolate Truffles - Caribbean pina colada truffles in a golden dark chocolate pirate treasure chest floating on a blue curacao sabayon sea with Midori gastrique.
Fried Finger Banana Ice Cream Lollipops Neapolitan - A candy shop rack of fried coconut crusted tropical finger banana ice cream lollipops with neapolitan strawberry, dark chocolate and vanilla creme anglaise dipping sauces.
Huckleberry Chantilly Croquembouche - A towering classic presentation of huckleberry chantilly filled pate a choux puffs and crunchy spun sugar for two.
Drunken Brazil Nut Japonaise Creme Patisserie Tort - A layered neoclassic tort of rum syrup soaked brazil nut japonaise, passion fruit French pastry cream and bitter sweet tamarillo puree on an Amazon jungle theme dessert sauce painted plate.                                                                                                                                                           

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