Sunday, April 29, 2012

Greenland Supermarket in Korea Town, Las Vegas!

Korea Town Las Vegas!

     The Greenland Supermarket is a great place to go shopping for Korean food in Las Vegas!  Anything and everything can be found at the Greenland Supermarket.  Previously, this market was called Hannam Ten.  
     The Greenland Supermarket is located at 6850 Spring Mountain Road by the intersection of Rainbow Boulevard in Korea Town, Las Vegas.  Korea Town is next to Chinatown.  Any asian food that you can think of can be found in this area!
     The Greenland Supermarket has a pagoda style entrance.  After entering the store, the first food that can be seen is an asian bakery and a candy shop.  The candy shop sells popular bean paste desserts and Korean style candy.  To the right is a very nice food court.  A food court in a grocery store?  Yes!  This is no ordinary food market.  There are several Korean restaurants to chose from at the food court.  Free sample tastings of menu items are sometimes offered at the entrance to the food court.  I sampled some great tasting Korean spicy pork!
     The produce section has many hard to get items and the prices are good.  The Greenland Supermarket has a very professional staff and the produce section was well maintained.  In fact, the entire store is well maintained and very clean.
     The fresh seafood section was very impressive!  The frozen seafood section was stocked full of specialty items.  There were many pre-made and pre-mixed ready to cook seafood packages for sale, that were perfect for customers who are on the go.  They actually had live Chesapeake Blue Crabs for sale.  I could not resist purchasing a couple of the lively fresh blue crabs!
     The butcher shop offered many specialty cuts of meat that are perfect for Korean cuisine.  Thin sliced shaved meat was available for doing table side Korean BBQ and bulgogi.  
     The beer and wine section has a great selection of Korean beer and wine.  Korean Hite Beer was available!  
     The noodle and rice cake area was huge!  The kimchi station offered many different kinds of high quality hand crafted Korean kimchi.  I purchased some nice looking radish top kimchi.  (Yulmoo Gat Kimchi)   
     The Korean dry goods and canned food section seemed to stretch into eternity!  An amazing selection of cooking oils and vinegars were available.  Plenty of Korean hot sauce too!  
     Plates, bowls and Korean kitchen utensils can be found at the Greenland Market.  Korean garnishing tools and neat specialty kitchen hardware was well stocked.  Cooking chopsticks were available too.
     It would take all day for a newcomer to explore the Korean Greenland Supermarket.  Chefs will definitely find plenty of "eye candy" food in this store.  I stocked up on Korean food items, so that I can post more Korean recipes in this blog.  
     My food blog does help to expose fine recipes from around the world and readers that may be bored with cooking the same old tired recipes can find new ideas here.  I do post reviews of specialty food markets in Las Vegas, so that people can see where I find the exotic ingredients for my recipes.  Specialty markets like those in Las Vegas are usually found in most major cities worldwide.  
     I highly recommend the Greenland Supermarket in Korea Town, Las Vegas!  It is an inspirational place for chefs and home cooks to get new cooking ideas.  
     The food court offers great food!  The staff and Korean customers are friendly and they are more than happy to explain Korean recipes to those who are interested in learning about Korean cuisine.  Koreans and most asians enjoy a social atmosphere at a food market and conversation is easy to make.  Especially if you are wearing a chef's uniform, like I was wearing while shopping at the Korean market!  Yum!  ...  Shawna

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