Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rani's World Foods, Las Vegas!

Potato Paratha

Potato Paratha

Fresh curry Leaves

Fresh Curry Leaves

A very nice Indian market and vegetarian delicatessen!

     Rani's World Foods is one of my favorite shops in Las Vegas.  The store is immaculately clean and the large floorspace is stocked full of high quality food products from India.
     Rani's World Foods is located at 4505 West Sahara Avenue near Decatur in Las Vegas.  Rani's is very close to the Las Vegas Strip and visitors of Las Vegas can stock up on hard to find Indian food items to bring back home.
     I was very impressed with the wide variety of Indian food products at Rani's.  Dry goods and almost any spice that you can think of can be found at Rani's for a good price.  Traditional Indian spice mixes are fresh and accurately blended.  Exotic cooking oils and pre-made Indian sauces can be found there.
     A full selection of condiments and chutneys can be found at this market.  The chef at Rani's also markets their own freshly made chutneys and sauces.  
     Hard to find gourmet Indian items are easy to find at Rani's.  Fresh made breads, pre-packaged breads and bread mixes are offered.  The vegetarian delicatessen at Rani's makes fresh breads and roti throughout the day.
     Food can be purchased at the vegetarian delicatessen to-go or for eating at one of the deli's tables.  I ordered a potato stuffed paratha while I was there, because I was hungry and the food aroma from the delicatessen smelled great!  I have had a few items from the delicatessen in the past.  Rani's delicatessen cooks some great tasting traditional Indian vegetarian food!
     The produce section at Rani's is well stocked with hard to find fruits and vegetables.  I purchased some very nice looking Indian bitter melon, Thai peppers, Indian Eggplant and fresh curry leaves while there.  Fresh curry leaves are one of the hardest spices to find!  I posted a couple recipes that feature the fresh curry leaves from Rani's.
     The market has a steady flow of local Indian shoppers.  The customers are friendly and many of them offer cooking advice, when they see a stranger to Indian cuisine reading labels on the shelves.  The staff at Rani's is very nice and helpful too.  Be sure to be specific when asking a food related question, so confusion does not arise.
     British folks will be happy to know that Rani's stocks canned goods and condiment sauces from England.  Branston Pickle is one of the many British items that Rani's stocks!
     I highly recommend Rani's World Foods for visitors of Las Vegas and locals alike.  The local Indian population shops at Rani's and there is three good reasons why.  The selection is great, the quality is high and the prices are good!  Yum!  ...  Shawna   

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