Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunfood Market in Chinatown Las Vegas!

Another nice specialty market in Chinatown, Las Vegas!
     Last week, I had lunch at BBQ King, shopped at the Sunfood Market and got a banh mi sandwich to-go at Dakao while at the Asia Pacific Plaza in Chinatown.  This is a nice plaza to go to, if you are not in the mood to be part of the hustle and bustle of a mass of shoppers at the main Chinatown or Korea Town plazas.  The pace at the Asia Pacific Plaza is a little bit more relaxed.
     The Sunfood Market is located at 5700 Spring Mountain Road in Chinatown, between Lindell and Jones.  The Sunfood Market is like the old fashioned neighborhood small Chinese asian markets that are popular back east and in the midwest.  
     The Sunfood Market is well stocked with good looking asian fresh produce.  The shelves in the market are stocked full of popular food items and specialty items.  What impressed me, was that the small Sunfood Market had a minimum of trendy "Johnny come lately" flashy items stocked in the store.  The Sunfood Market seemed to be geared for those who really only go shopping for authentic asian food!
     The Sunfood Market carries many specialty items that may be hard to find at other asian markets in Las Vegas!  I immediately noticed that the dried food selection was extensive at this market.  The dried seafood area had a great selection of products.  Traditionally in China, dried seafood is more popular inland.  Usually only the coastal areas offer fresh seafood.  The Sunfood Market is similar to descriptions that I have heard about inland Chinese markets.  With that in mind, that made my shopping venture rather interesting!
     The Sunfood Market had a very nice selection of fermented red bean curd.  Chinese red bean curd is fermented in jars and it is highly respected like a fine French cheese.  I have not posted any red bean curd recipes in my blog as of yet, so I purchased a nice looking red bean curd product to do so with!
     I also found some Chinese star shaped soup noodles that I have not seen in many years.  In fact, I have not seen the star shaped dried soup noodles since I was a child.  This type of Chinese noodle will surely bring back good memories for many people!  I do like reviving long forgotten food items in this blog.
     The fresh lotus root and winter melon looked really nice in the produce section.  The dried Chinese mushroom section had a nice selection on the shelves.  The Sunfood Market had cooking utensils and tableware that I have not seen offered by other stores in Chinatown.
     The clerk at the register was very friendly while I was paying for my small shopping spree.  I tried to ask if they had any cassava in stock.  I drew a smile from the clerk and I tried to name cassava with a few different languages, while hoping that she would understand what I was looking for.  The clerk did not speak English and that was okay by me!  
     Anytime that I find a Chinese market in Las Vegas, where no English is spoken, then I know that I have found an authentic Chinese market to shop in!  I do not usually ask many questions while shopping anyway.  Being good at product identification is of help, because many authentic Chinese products do not have English translations on the label.  However, the product's company websites on the internet can easily be translated.  With my good attitude about minor language barriers, doors do open via the internet!  
     For as many food languages that I speak and write, Chinese language dialects are something that I need to learn more about.  Language barriers are simply something that a good chef must overcome, to become a better chef!   
     Overall, my shopping experience at the Sunfood Market in Chinatown was a very good one!  I highly recommend the Sunfood Market for locals and visitors of Las Vegas who seek authentic Chinese food items and items that are hard to find in other asian style markets!  Yum!  ...  Shawna     

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