Thursday, September 13, 2012

San Gennaro Feast - September 2012 at the Silverton Casino, Las Vegas!

     This Article was edited on 8-62014.  A slide show was added!

     The San Gennaro September Feast is currently taking place in Las Vegas.  Saint Gennaro was the patron saint of Naples, Italy.  Saint Gennaro was famous for protecting persecuted Christians and preventing them from being caught around the year 400AD.  Three time a year, the faithful go to the Naples Cathedral to witness the miracle of his blood liquifying in a sealed ampule.  The San Gennaro Feast days are celebrated in September and April each year.
     The San Gennaro Feast is a big event.  The San Gennaro Feast is taking place outdoors at the Silverton Casino.  The weather has cooled down and it is a perfect time for feasting on great Italian food outdoors.  In places like Little Italy in Philadelphia and New York, the feast goes on for days.  The same thing goes for Las Vegas.  The San Gennaro Feast in Las Vegas runs from September 11, through September 16 at the Silverton Casino.  The Silverton Casino is located at Blue Diamond Road and Dean Martin in Las Vegas, just off of I-15.
     There is so much Italian food to choose from at the Feast!  Any kind of Italian American food that you can think of is offered.  Many of the vendors at the San Gennaro Feast only sell their food at the San Gennaro feast and nowhere else!  That is how big and important this event is!
     Feasting is what the San Gennaro event is all about.  Do not even think about going to the San Gennaro feast, if you are on a diet!  The aroma of great Italian food fills the air for miles when the San Gennaro Feast is going on.  My tummy began growling as soon as I got off of the freeway.  I could not wait for the stoplight to change on the way to the parking garage at the Silverton.  I was craving Italian food big time!
     After paying the small entrance fee, I did not even walk 20 yards, before my eyes gazed at fresh Italian sausage and peppers roasting on a grill.  I stopped and stared!  I was is awe, because the aroma of he sausage and peppers was so good!  My first bite to eat during the San Genarro Feast was a sausage and pepper sandwich.  I stood there munching the sandwich down and I desperately tried not to look like some kind of an animal.  It was no use!  I ended up with sausage and pepper grease all over my hands and mouth!  Italians appreciate when somebody goes nuts over their food.  It is like one of the best compliments in the world!
     After taking a few photographs and seeing some of the sights, I chose to eat a couple of great looking meatball sliders.  We never called little meatball sandwiches by the name sliders back when I was cooking in Italian restaurants, but it is a good name for these small single meatball sandwiches.  The meatball sliders were the bomb!  They tasted great!
     I finished my meatball sliders and I walked not even ten feet, just to see one of the best looking pepperoni pizzas that I have ever seen!  I had a slice of pepperoni before I knew it and I was then in seventh heaven!  The pepperoni pizza was great too!
     I had to get ahold of myself and try to get a grip on the fact that I could not possibly sample every item at the San Gennaro Feast, or somebody would have to carry me out of there in a wheelbarrow!
     I decided to walk around and see the sights, instead of overindulging even more than I already had.  There were plenty of things to do and see.  Plenty of circus rides and plenty of shopping.  Petting zoos and mechanical bull rides were there for kids of all ages.  A main band stage was located in the central dining courtyard and there was plenty of comfortable seating.  Of course the stars on stage were popular Italian entertainers.  Everybody was having a good time!
     Italian beer and cocktails were available.  I chose one of my favorite beers.  An Italian Peroni Lager was nice after dining on some tasty Italian food.  After walking around the shooting galleries, circus rides and funhouses, I got thirsty again.  Fresh squeezed lemonade is an Italian tradition.  Two girls were making a great sales pitch for their lemonade to draw in customers, as I walked by.  I liked the sound of their sales pitch, so I turned around and bought a nice cold glass of fresh lemonade.  The lemonade was squeezed to order!  The lemonade was refreshing and it was a great way to end the day.
     On the way to the parking garage, I stopped in the Silverton Casino to test my luck at a poker machine.  I was feeling good and sitting down spelled relief, so I was in no hurry to burn up money.  I played some 50 cent poker and after just a few hands I hit four deuces with an ace kicker on a bonus poker machine.  Winning a little bit of cash was like getting a discount on the day.  That was an even nicer way to end a good day!
     After getting home, I felt so stuffed from dining on good Italian food, that I laid down to rest.  Before I knew it, I fell into one of those heavy sleep comas that people get after overindulging on Italian food.  Five hours later, I woke up and I was still full!  Wow!  I sure got a full belly at the San Genarro Feast, but that is what its all about!
     I highly recommend attending the San Gennaro Feast, while it is going on in Las Vegas!  This event runs through September 16th and by the looks of things, there will be no shortage of great Italian food.  When Italians cook food for a San Gennaro Feast, they cook big time!  Yum!  Ciao Baby!

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