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Siêu Thị Thuận Phát - SF Las Vegas Superstore in Chinatown!

     This article was updated on 10-12-2014!

     September 2012 Shopping Experience at the Las Vegas Superstore!
     Recipes and Las Vegas restaurant reviews are what I usually write about.  As many have noticed, I do use ingredients in my recipes that may not be easy to find at regular grocery stores.  Sometimes, hard to find items are required for authentic traditional recipes and creative recipes in this blog.  Specialty food markets are the place to go, when searching for out of the ordinary food items.  That is why I also publish informative specialty market articles!

     Just because a specialty market is located in Las Vegas, it does not mean that Las Vegas is the only city that has specialty markets.  Similar specialty stores are part of nearly every major city.  It is good for a cook to know what Chinese, Thai, Korean, Indian, middle eastern and Vietnamese markets have to offer, when seeking ingredients for recipes.

     The Siêu Thị Thuận Phát SF Superstore is a very nice market in Las Vegas.  Siêu Thị Thuận Phát is a vast Asian food market superstore that has plenty of floorspace!  This store is very well stocked.

     There is plenty of Vietnamese food merchandise and fresh herbs.  Food and merchandise and kitchenware from every region of Asia are available, as one can see in the photographs above.
     Dried whole squid from Thailand.  Kluwak nuts from Indonesia.  Thin soy sauce from Hong Kong.  A nice beer from Beijing.  Seafood and produce from Vietnam.  Habanero peppers from Mexico.  Palm sugar from Indonesia.  Roasted chestnuts from China.  These are some of the items that I selected at Siêu Thị Thuận Phát for upcoming recipes.

     Siêu Thị Thuận Phát has a great produce department that is stocked with hard to find fruits, vegetables and fresh Vietnamese herbs.  Gigantic kent mangos were in stock!  Kent mangos are rarely seen in regular grocery stores.  Fresh herbs are a very important part of Vietnamese cuisine and even the rarest fresh Vietnamese herbs were stocked in the produce department.  Everything from exotic root vegetables to heirloom corn varieties was available in the produce section.

     Siêu Thị Thuận Phát has a full butcher shop that offers specialty meats, offals and specific cuts of meat for regional asian cuisine.  The seafood department offers a large variety of fresh and frozen seafood.

     Live seafood in large aquarium tanks is part of the seafood shopping experience.  There is nothing fresher than live shellfish, crabs and fish!  The attendant nets your selection of live fish and then offers to prepare it to your liking.  Every good Asian market in Las Vegas offers live seafood and Siêu Thị Thuận Phát offers a nice selection.

     Canned, bottled and dried products from every region of asia can be found in this store.  The dried and fresh noodle section is extensive.  Baked goods, pastries, bean paste desserts and nearly any asian dessert ingredient is on the shelves.  Asian beer, wine, vinegars and liquors of every kind are stocked.  Traditional Vietnamese cookware, table settings, clay cooking pots and utensils can be found at this market.  Pre-prepared deli style items are available too.

     The October 2014 Shopping Experience!
     I recently went to the Siêu Thị Thuận Phát - SF Las Vegas Superstore to purchase one particular item.  I needed a large heavy duty razor sharp Asian style cleaver that was professional chef quality.  This superstore has a nice selection of cutlery and I found what i was looking for!  When roasting whole pigs, cutting barbecue pork sections or splitting the chine on a whole lamb rib rack section, a cleaver like the one in the photos above is best for the task.
     Rimei makes high quality cutlery for chefs and home cooks.  The butcher cleaver in the photos is made with high grade stainless steel and the sturdy wood hand is held in place with brass rivets.  This cleaver is built to last!  This cleaver is so well balanced and sharp, that it can be used like a chef knife.  In fact, the label says this actually is a knife and not a cleaver!
     Obviously using a cleaver like this does take practice and good safe knife handling skills are a prerequisite.  This cleaver is capable of easily cutting straight through bone, so care must be taken when using this device.  This is not a cleaver for halfwitted careless cooks.  The Rimei large butcher cleaver/knife is an item that pro chefs really like and is sells for a reasonable price at the Siêu Thị Thuận Phát - SF Las Vegas Superstore.

    I also stocked up on specialty food items while I was at the superstore.  The Pompano was scaled trimmed and gutted on the spot.  Surf clams look nice, so I got some.  Carambola and persimmons were in season and they ended up in my shopping basket.
     Quail was on sale for a low price.  Habanero peppers were cheap too.  I found my favorite sushi rice brand and the basic food shopping needs were fulfilled.
     Farmer Brand Peanuts are the best!  I grabbed a couple bags of the garlic peanuts and sent one by mail to my Dad.  The peanut farmer on the label looks like he could royally kick Mr. Peanut's butt all over the place!  The bad ass kung fu peanut farmer image on the package really sends a good message to kids about eating food that builds strength, like peanuts!

     I picked up some tableware, because a couple of rice bowls in my kitchen were chipped recently.  Metal chopsticks really come in handy when assembling tiny hors d'oeuvres and they last many years.

     New changes went into effect at this superstore.  The Wo Hing Restaurant and a delicatessen opened up inside this superstore.  Wo Hing offers some extremely nice looking whole roasted duck, chicken pork and BBQ.  If you want to see a big heavy duty Asian butcher cleaver in action, order some roast duck or roast pork and watch the chef at Wo Hing do his thing.  
     I highly recommend the Siêu Thị Thuận Phát - SF Las Vegas Superstore for locals and visitors of Las Vegas!  This is a big Vietnamese food and Asian food market that is well stocked and very clean.  The employees are friendly and helpful.
     Siêu Thị Thuận Phát is located in the Spring Oaks Plaza at 4801 Spring Mountain Road at the intersection of Decatur in Chinatown Las Vegas.  This cental valley location is close to the Las Vegas Strip.  Yum!

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