Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mariana's Supermarkets, Las Vegas!

Another good Las Vegas specialty market!

    There are several Mariana's Supermarket locations in Las Vegas.  I recently did some shopping at the Mariana's location at Sahara and Valley View.  It was a Saturday afternoon and the store was swarmed with busy Mexican food shoppers.  I have never seen so many people shopping at a food market at one time in any other food market in Las Vegas.  That says a lot about how good Mariana's Supermarket is!
     Nearly any food item from South America, Central America and Mexico can be found at Mariana's Supermarket.  Hard to find specialty items can be found on every aisle.  
     Cuban style expresso grind coffee was an item that I purchased that day.  Most regular grocery stores do not stock this style of very strong coffee.  Busy chefs in Florida and writers both like Cuban style expresso!
    Dried corn husks for tamales were on sale for a good price, so I snagged a bundle.  I purchased some mayocoba beans, because it has been a while since I have posted mayocoba bean recipes.  
     For those who miss Twinkies, Mexican style chocolate coated Twinkie style Gansito Snack Cakes were available.  Of course I purchased a few Gansito Snack Cake gifts for my local Las Vegas Twinkie eating friends.  They went nuts over the Gansito Snack Cakes!
     The Mariana's fresh produce department was well stocked with every Mexican vegetable and fruit that could be thought of.  Some of the vegetables that were on sale sold so fast, that the Mariana's produce stockers hauled out more of the low price vegetables by the pallet load!  That is a busy produce market!
     The Mariana's carniceria was stocked full of popular Mexican style cuts of beef, pork and sausages.  The waiting line was long, but the customers all looked patient and eager to get home style meat cuts at a good price.
     Mariana's Supermarkets have a panaderia where fresh Mexican and South American style breads, cakes and desserts can be found.  There is a also a delicatessen in Mariana's that offers just about any fresh pre-made south of the border style food, sauce or condiment.  Mexican style pre-made food is great for shoppers who are pressed for time and for those who want to just heat some good food up for an easy weekend meal.  Table dining at the Mariana's deli kitchen is available at many locations.  I have dined at Mariana's Supermarket kitchen a few times after a long day on the job and the food quality compares to any good Mexican restaurant food.  
     I highly recommend Mariana's Supermarkets for local Las Vegas shoppers who seek a big well stocked market that specializes in hispanic food!  Weekends are very busy at Mariana's, so be ready for a hustling bustling food market, if you shop on a Saturday afternoon.  That can be a fun experience!  
     For those who like a quiet easy going pace when food shopping, try Mariana's Supermarkets on a weekday.  Yum!  ...  Shawna   

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