Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tabasco Chocolate

     I rarely write food product review articles.  Since many readers seek spicy recipes in this bog, mentioning a spicy new product was in order.  A few years ago, I posted a Mayan Chocolate Mousse recipe which became very popular around Valentines Day.  A nice review about Tabasco Chocolate may appeal to the chocolate and chile pepper fans.
     Valentines Day is near and this holiday is one of the biggest chocolate days of the year.  Lovers like chocolate.  Chocolate is the sensual food of the gods.  Many valentines lovers like it sweet and spicy!
     Chocolate was the ancient drink of noblemen in ancient Mayan and Aztec societies.  Chocolate was associated with the Aztec goddess of fertility, Xochiquetzal.   Xocolatl had a reputation of being a potent spicy chocolate drink that made men virile.  Chile peppers were part of the xocolatl recipe.
     Few modern chocolatiers create chocolate products that are modeled after the ancient Mayan and Aztec chocolate recipes.  Few modern chocolatiers add chile pepper flavors to chocolate creations, yet chocolate and chile pepper is a classic flavor combination.  Chocolate and chile peppers both trigger the release of endorphins in the human brain, which in turn creates feelings of calmness, love and sensuality.
     The reason that chocolate is so desirable on Valentines Day should be obvious now.  Chile pepper flavored chocolate should be a must try confection for lovers on Valentines Day!
     Recently, I did a little bit of shopping at the Paiute Tribal Smoke Shop on Main Street in Las Vegas.  To my surprise, one of the few candies that were on display by the cashier was little snack packages of Tabasco Chocolate.  I could not resist trying this product, because I like the flavor of chocolate and chile peppers.
     The flavor of the dark chocolate in this Tabasco product is nice.  No waxy fillers or vegetable oil could be tasted.  The flavors of chocolate and cocoa butter were very rich.  The tabasco pepper flavor was present, yet subtle.  There was just enough tabasco pepper added to the chocolate to create a nice flavor sensation.  Tabasco Chocolate is a high quality product that is worth recommending, especially near Valentines Day!
     The Tabasco Company markets several hot tabasco pepper products at their internet Tabasco Country Store.  Tabasco Chocolate can be found there and at other internet food marketing sites, like Amazon.  In Las Vegas, the only place that I have seen Tabasco Chocolate for sale is at the Paiute Smoke Shop.
     Spicy chocolate!  Yum!  ...  Shawna

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