Monday, February 25, 2013

Maligaya Asian Market, North Las Vegas!

A nice little neighborhood specialty market!

     The Maligaya Asian Market is located at 3415 West Craig in North Las Vegas between Allen and Ferrell.  This little market is in a small plaza that also hosts a nice Mexican restaurant. 
     When I first moved back to Las Vegas, I craved pizza.  I like real deal Italian pizza, so I found a real pizzeria close to my neighborhood.  When I walked up to the entrance of the pizzeria, I noticed a little sign on the door that mentioned that the owner passed away and the pizzeria was closed.  
     Disappointed?  Yes.  Saddened?  Yes.  It was sad, because this meant one less real Italian pizzeria and it meant the loss of a great sandwich in the neighborhood.  The little pizzeria offered the famous Bronx Bomber Sandwich.  Fast food pizza is never an option in my home, because I prefer to support small business shops with my pizza dollars.  Italian pizzerias make the best pizza! 
     Standing there in disbelief, thinking that Italian pizzeria owners never die and how could this happen, I noticed the Maligaya Market.  I started to smile.  My dinner plans changed!
     The Maligaya market is like the tiny asian markets in big cities along the northeast coast.  This market is crammed full of great asian merchandise and the aisles are narrow.  The shelves are stocked with regular everyday asian staples and plenty of hard to find items.  
     Filipino and Malaysian specialty items can be found at this store.  A variety of thin soy sauce flavors for cooking were in stock.  When I see big bottles of thin soy sauce in an asian market, I know that the market caters to people who do plenty of good Chinese and Filipino cooking.  I almost always use thin soy sauce in my own asian style recipes.
     Frozen and dried seafood was in stock.  Nice looking produce was also offered.  Specialty noodles of every kind were on the shelves.  Bean pastes and varieties of tofu that regular grocery stores do not carry were offered at this little market.  
     For those who shop at the asian food aisle at a regular grocery store in North Las Vegas, only a standard limited sampling of asian food items will be found.  Those who wish to delve deeper into the world of asian cuisine do have to shop at a good asian market.  Since Chinatown is several miles away from the north end of Las Vegas, the Maligaya Asian Market is a nice convenience and the prices are nice!
     I highly recommend the Maligaya Asian Market for locals who live in the north end of Las Vegas!  If you happen to be passing through this area, this little market is worth checking out.  Yum!  ...  Shawna

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