Saturday, April 13, 2013

Indian Taco at the Fundraising Event for the 2013 Paiute Snow Mountain Pow Wow, Las Vegas!

Navaho Fry Bread Taco!

     Attending a fundraising event for a good cause is always a good thing.  I happen to be on the Paiute Email list for sales alerts, coupons and events.  About a week ago, I received an email announcement for a fundraising food sale for the 2013 Snow Mountain Pow Wow.  I did not hesitate to jump in the car and head on down to get some good food and donate some money! 
     A concession tent was set up at the Paiute Smoke Shop on Main Street in Las Vegas.  Indian Tacos and Sweet fry Bread was on sale.  All proceeds of the sale went to funding the Snow Mountain Pow Wow.  Any tips were added to the fundraising pool.  Donations were graciously accepted.  
     The Indian Taco was one of the best that I ever had!  It tasted great and the chili was piled on high.  There must have been 10 ounces of beef and bean chili on my taco.  I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of food on the plate.  This was the first big honest size portion that I have seen in Las Vegas in quite some time.  Native Americans are some big people, and the portion size of Native American food will fill a belly up!
     I chatted a spell with one of the Paiute Tribe members about the Snow Mountain Pow Wow.  She mentioned that this year's Pow Wow is going to be a big event.  This year will be the 25th annual Snow Mountain Pow Wow.  Native American dancers, musicians, wisdom keepers, craftsmen and artisans from Nevada, Arizona and California will demonstrate their wares.  Pottery, art and jewelry will be up for sale.  Native Americans will be performing, competing and speaking at the Pow Wow.  Plenty of good food will be available.  If the food is as good as the Indian Tacos at the fundraiser, then get ready to get your fill of some awesome tasting vittles!  
     A Pow Wow is a big event and it is a must to experience.  A Pow Wow is educational and it is a great learning experience for children.  A Pow Wow is also a competition event, so it is exciting to see.  Native American culture and tradition is what a Pow Wow is all about.  If you have never experienced a big Pow Wow, then its about time that you did!
     UPDATE:  The 2013 Snow Mountain Pow Wow will take place next fall.  This event was originally scheduled for spring on Memorial Day weekend.  The details for the exact date can be found by following the hyperlink at the end of this article.  The location is at the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe Snow Mountain on US 95 North at exit 99.  This event will go on, rain, wind or shine.  Bring some sun shade, because this is an outdoor event.  
     I do not promote many events at this food site.  The local Paiute Tribal Members have been friendly with me and I do business with them every week.  Because the Indian Taco at the fundraising event was so good tasting, the honorable thing to do is to promote the Snow Mountain Pow Wow.  You all just gotta get an Indian Taco at the Snow Mountain Pow Wow!  Its highly recommended!
     Here is the link to the Paiute Tribe 25th Annual Snow Mountain Pow Wow Page.  Check it out!

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