Saturday, April 20, 2013

Larry's Great Western Meats, Las Vegas!

     There is something about this food and recipe site that Las Vegas residents like.  Locals like how I pass information along.  When I find a good market in the valley, I let people know about it.  This helps readers find items that they seek and it helps to keep good businesses alive.
     Ever since the computer internet age began, fewer people rely on thumbing through a phone book to find specialty stores.  Typing words in a search engine delivers a list of results.  The problem is that many times the search results are not always accurate.  Sponsored businesses and businesses that pay to be placed at the top of the search result list tend to hog the show.  Scrolling down the search engine result list is what good shoppers do, but those who are in a hurry usually just glance at the first few results that they see.  
     Another item that affects search engine result is cookies.  Every web site that is visited leaves a tracking cookie.  That cookie is entered as data gathering device for marketing purposes in most cases.  For example, if a search was done on pets and the focus was on looking at bird cage designs and prices, those items of interest are gathered by the cookies that were placed in the computer and transferred to a database in a remote marketing company server.  For the next few weeks, every time that a new page is opened on the internet, advertisements for bird cages, pet stores and birdseed will load in advertisement spaces on each page.  Even the media works this way on the net.  Articles about parrots and pet store businesses will be seen in news site pages.  After a few days or a couple weeks, if no bird related purchase is made, those ads and articles are replaced by the next item of interest.  
     Looking for specialty food items on the internet does take patience.  It takes time to filter through search engine results.  Food items that are popular do top the list.  Items that are in low demand often take some time to find.  Low demand items are usually carried by small specialty stores.  Because major nationwide stores spend money to ride high as a hog on search engine results, small specialty stores often only receive a trickle down effect of customers who are determined to find what they really want, rather that be directed to a major corporate market.  Shoppers who are determined to find specialty items, do take the time to find the places that stock those items.
     I personally found Larry's Great Western Meats by searching one page after another for someplace in Las Vegas that stocked elk meat!  The first time that I visited Larry's Great Western Meats, I liked what I saw.  Larry's is an old fashioned butcher shop that carries high quality beef.  USDA prime grade beef is the best beef that money can buy and it is available at this butcher shop.  Delmonico steaks are one of the most popular cuts of beef at Larry's.  Delmonico steak is a nice quality rib steak and they are big.
     Larry's Great western meats carries top quality pork, veal, chicken and lamb.  Fresh, cured and smoked sausages are made in house at Larry's Great Western Meats.  Offals are stocked, so if you are looking for sweatbreads, brains, liver, kidneys, oxtail or whatever, you will find it at this butcher shop.  Larry's even stocks rocky mountain oysters!
     Searching for a source of wild game meats is how I found Larry's Great Western Meats.  Buffalo, quail, duck, pheasant, elk, frog legs and many other items are either sold fresh or in cryovac packages as frozen products.  Buffalo meat hot dogs are stocked! 
     During this recent visit, I purchased a thick center cut pork chop, a package of veal stew meat, a Louisiana hot link sausage and one of the best looking elk ribeye steaks that I had ever seen.  I recently prepared a very special meal with the elk steak and I will be posting that recipe soon.
     If finding prime grade beef or specialty meats has been a problem, then Larry's Great Western Meats is the place to go in Las Vegas.  Larry's Great Western Meats is located at 420 South Valley View at the intersection of Alta.  Larry's is just a few blocks south of Highway 95.  This butcher shop is easy to find and it is close to the downtown Las Vegas area.
     Larry's Great Western Meats is highly recommended for local shoppers!  Visitors of Las Vegas who wish to ship a few western wild game steaks home may also be interested in this butcher shop.  BBQ and steak on the grill season is here.  Larry's Great Western Meats sells awesome steaks!  Yum!  ...  Shawna        

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