Monday, April 22, 2013

The Euro Market & Deli, Las Vegas!

A nice Las Vegas market that specializes in eastern european food!

     A few days ago, I needed some fresh air after being cooped up writing essays and research papers for college.  Editing old recipes and writing new ones is part of my daily routine too.  After spending hours typing on a computer, fresh air and sunshine spells relief.  A sunset drive through Red Rock Canyon sounded like a good idea.  Springtime is nice in the high Mojave Desert and this is wildflower season.  On the way to the south end of the canyon, I passed by a store that I had not seen before.  The Euro Market & Deli sounded interesting, so I decided to check the store out.  
     Specialty food market articles are featured in this food web site.  Passing along information is something that all good chefs do.  I write plenty of recipes that require hard to find ingredients and interested readers need to know where to find those items.  There is no use in writing a recipe, if a cook cannot find the stuff to make it with!  
     Even if a reader does not live in Las Vegas, a description of items that are carried by a certain kind of specialty market may give a clue as to what kind of store to look for, when seeking ingredients in other cities.  When readers know where to find exotic items, it helps to keep specialty markets in business.  If I only cooked the same old everyday food that nationwide corporate grocery stores carry, then I would be an unhappy customer.  Variety is the spice of life!
     The Euro Market & Deli specializes in eastern european cuisine.  The shelves are well stocked with Russian, Czech, Yugoslavian, Hungarian and Bulgarian food.  Pretty much any food of any nationality or region of eastern europe is offered at this market.  
     Fresh produce and hard to find frozen vegetables are available.  There was a large selection of pickle products, olives, avjar, paprika peppers, pickled green tomatoes and eggplant specialties to choose from.  Dry goods, noodles, concentrated sauce pastes and seasoning mixes of every eastern european flavor were on the shelves.  
     One of my favorite items was well stocked and it was advertised.  Jars of sour cherries!  Sour cherries are popular in eastern europe and the middle east.  I have posted a few recipes that call for sour cherries in this food sight, but they specified the dried variety.  Jars of preserved sour cherries are a really nice product.
     Eastern european wine and beer is sold at this specialty market.  Fresh baked specialty bread is offered.  Many specialty grains and baking products can be found at this market and that is a real plus for those who prefer to bake traditional eastern european bread or desserts at home.
     The deli has a nice selection of imported meats and cheese.  Imported Swiss emmentaler was in stock.  Real Swiss emmentaler is much better tasting that domestic American swiss cheese.  Several kinds of regional feta cheese were in the deli case.  Grecian manouri was available and that is one of my favorites.  I selected a very nice mellow Czechoslovakian salami and a very nice quality head cheese at the deli.  A nice smoked provolone made it into my basket too.
     Fresh regional eastern european specialty desserts, pastries and cakes were offered in a display case. The desserts looked too good to resist!  I selected a couple of nice desserts while I was at the market.  One was krempita.  Krempita is a Yugoslavian specialty that is best described as a thick cream pie.  After getting bogged down with studying and writing school papers for days on end, a couple of nice desserts put a smile on my face.  Like most european desserts, they are not made with way too much sugar and the sweetness does not overpower the flavor.  The desserts were nice!
     The Euro Market & Deli is located in a plaza at 5625 South Rainbow Boulevard between West Dewey and West Russell.  Two landmark signs to look for, while passing by, are the "Jack In The Box" and "Living Dead Tattoo".  Living Dead Tattoo?  That is another story altogether!  
     I highly recommend the Euro Market & Deli for local residents of Las Vegas!  Eastern european visitors who crave the flavors of home will surely like this market.  The Euro Market & Deli is spotless and very clean.  The store is well organized.  The employees are friendly and helpful with questions.  English and eastern european languages are spoken at this market and that is a plus.  Yum!  ...  Shawna

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