Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Butcher Block, Las Vegas!

A great old fashioned butcher shop that features specialty meats!

     When readers cook recipes in this food site, it helps to know where to find the ingredients, especially if some of the recipe ingredients are specialty items.  Posting reviews of specialty markets and butcher shops in the Las Vegas valley does help the local residents.  For readers outside of Las Vegas, the description of these stores may help to find a similar kind of market in their own region.
     The Butcher Block is a high quality butcher shop that has a lot of great products to offer.  Both USDA prime grade beef cuts and USDA choice grade beef cuts are stocked in the display case.  Steaks are trimmed and cut perfectly and all popular beef steak cuts, like tri tip, filet mignon, ribeye, porterhouse, NY strip sirloin and T-Bone are offered.  USDA prime dry aged beef is also available.  
     Nice looking deep red ground beef is offered and that is an item that often is of questionable quality at corporate grocery stores that purchase cheap ground beef from remote sources.  Often the grocery store beef turns a grayish brown color the day after it is purchased.  This means that the ground beef was not fresh to begin with.  Butcher shop ground beef is always higher in quality, because a butcher shop's reputation is at stake with every purchase.
     Wagayu beef and kobe beef are stocked at this butcher shop!  If you ever wanted to try cooking the two highest rated marbled beef products that modern chefs feature on menus, then now you know where to find the goods.  Wagayu is an Australian kobe beef that has a little less fat marbling than Japanese kobe and the price is a little more expensive than USDA prime grade.  Japanese kobe has the highest amount of fat marbling and a slice of this kind of beef literally melts in the mouth.  The US Department of agriculture has developed a rating system for kobe beef that is based upon the current prime grade rating.  Kobe or wagayu prime +2 has much more visible marbling than standard prime grade beef.  Kobe or wagayu prime +5 almost looks like cheese, because there is so much fat marbling.
     A full line of Italian, German, Louisiana and Spanish sausage is stocked at The Butcher Block.  Black Boudin is stocked as a frozen product and this specialty sausage can be difficult to obtain, so now readers know where to find this gourmet sausage.  Wild game sausages and summer sausages are also in stock.
     Speaking of wild game and free range farmed wild game, this is the reason that I visited The Butcher Block.  The Butcher Block stocks a wide variety of popular wild game meat.  I got a very nice price on pheasant and wild boar tenderloin at this butcher shop.  Elk, kangaroo, quail, duck, ostrich, buffalo, rabbit and a few other specialty meats were stocked as frozen products.  I have built up a collection of wild game meat to use for food site recipes over the last few weeks and my freezer is starting to look like a zoo!
     I picked up some ground wagayu to make some new slider recipes while shopping.  Some great looking smoked pork chops were stocked and I could not resist.  It has been a long time since I have seen real smoked pork chops for sale.  Most grocery stores and cheap restaurants only offer artificial smoke flavored pork chops that have a questionable color.  Artificial smoke flavor and color added to a pork chop does not make a real smoked pork chop.  Old fashioned smoked pork chops, like those at The Butcher Block are the real deal and the difference in quality is easily noticed.  
     The Butcher Block also stocks fish.  Walleye pike is not easy the come by outside of the Great Lakes region.  This butcher shop stocks some nice looking walleye filets.  If any readers have been craving a taste of this sustainable fine northern lake fish, The Butcher Block is the place to go!
     The Butcher Block is located at 7625 south Rainbow Boulevard in a plaza near the intersection of Robindale.  The Butcher Block shop is spotlessly clean and well organized.  The service is friendly and any questions are answered with an informative response.  This is a well managed, clean, butcher shop that is not cluttered with slow selling gimmick products.  The Butcher Block is a butcher shop that any old fashioned butcher or quality oriented customer likes to see.  
     I highly recommend The Butcher Block for Las Vegas locals and visitors!  This is the place to go for high quality beef and specialty meat!  Yum!  ...  Shawna 

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