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Clark County Bar and Restaurant Supply

     The Clark County Bar and Restaurant Supply Store of Las Vegas has been in business for over thirty years.  This restaurant supply store is open to the public.  The location is 1117 Commerce Street just a half of a block north of West California Avenue and one building south of Charleston.
     If you are looking for restaurant quality, heavy duty pots and pans that will last a lifetime, then this is the place to go!  I get tired of overpriced pots and pans from department stores that literally fall apart after a short time.  Most department store pots and pans seem to fall apart after less than one year of home kitchen use.  Especially any pan that is made with screws or small rivets.  A pan with a plastic handle is really just a disposable item that may fall apart after only a few months use.
     Restaurant pots and pans are designed to last under extreme conditions.  Restaurant grade pans use large rivets to hold the handle in place and the handle never becomes loose.  Purchasing restaurant quality pots and pans at a good restaurant supply store is a good choice, if you do a lot of cooking.  The prices of pots and pans at the Clark County Bar and Restaurant Supply Store are very reasonable.  In fact the price is a bargain, when you consider the quality of the merchandise!
     Nearly every useful kitchen utensil or dining room item is available at this restaurant supply store.  A wide variety of professional chef cutlery is available at the Clark County Bar and Restaurant Supply Store too.  I found a Swiss Forschner fluting tool at this store that I have been looking for for years!  Fluting tools have to be very sharp, if you flute mushrooms.  I also found my favorite work horse paring knife at this restaurant supply store.
     I like performance oriented knives much better than a fancy looking knife that causes blisters.  I do not like knife blades that are backed with thick metal near the handle.  I prefer a knife with a blade that runs from end to end with no backing.
     Do not waste your money on second rate, hard to sharpen knives that do not hold an edge.  Do not waste money by purchasing overpriced fancy looking knives that do not perform or knives with sharp edges on the handles that cause blisters.  Some of the worst chef knives that I have ever used were made with hard to sharpen Brazilian steel.  Those were pretty looking knives that really did not perform.  I do not use serrated knives at all, but they do come in handy for slicing bread.
     My work horse chef knife and work horse paring knife are high grade American Dexter knives with white safety handles that do not cause blisters!  The choice of higher grade steel in the Dexter brand knife line is easy to sharpen and the edge stays sharp, even after hours of chopping or paring hard vegetables.  These high grade Dexter knives are not pretty, but they work hard and last a long time.  No thief in a restaurant kitchen steals ugly Dexter pro chef knives either.  A thief usually steals the fancy looking european knives!  Low grade steel Dexter knifes are not worth the cheap price, because the steel is way too hard.  Dexters are also available with rosewood handles.
     I have a set of good German Heinkel paring knives that include a tourne knife.  These thin blade paring knives are great for delicate work.
     I use high grade Swiss Forschner and German Heinkel steel boning, filet and chef knives for butchering, fish cutting and veal cutting.  High grade Swiss 440-10 stainless alloy is a good steel.  Carbon steel is best avoided because of modern sanitary health standards.  The Germans and Swiss have a long history of making the best chromium steel alloys for knives.  High chrome moly flex steel alloys are best avoided for heavy duty use, because they are hard to sharpen.
     Flexible steel boning knives are good for a few applications, like Frenching bones and removing silver floss.  A curved boning knife is best for breaking down racks and draw down cutting between ribs.  Straight blade boning knives are good for all meat cutting applications.
     The Swiss Forschner carving fork in the photos above is expensive, but it will last a lifetime.  After two weeks of picking up whole beef briskets and whole prime rib sections, the rivets did not come loose on the handle.  That is a strong straight tine carving fork!  I have a Mundial straight tine carving fork that literally fell apart after two weeks doing the same thing as what I did with the Forschner fork.  Now I can only use the Mundial carving fork for twisting Italian pastas.
     When working at a dining room carving station in public view, I prefer rosewood handle Swiss Forschner steel carving knives and rosewood handle Swiss straight long tine carving fork, because they have a high nice eye appeal!  Customers actually compliment my choice of carving station knives and forks.  Rosewood handles and the Swiss Victorinox logo are signs of quality that customers can identify with.
      If you are a pro chef or butcher, it is best to have several sharp paring and boning knives on hand.  When a blade becomes dull and starts to drag, it is time to switch to the next paring or boning knife rather than to waste time sharpening a knife.  At the end of the shift, the knives can all be honed at one time for the next day.  A heavy cleaver, breaker knife and a 14" scimitar are necessary for chefs or butchers who fabricate meat products.  The 14" Forschner curved scimitar in the pictures is by far the best scimitar of them all.
     All these knives that I have mentioned and more are available at the Clark County Bar and Restaurant Supply at a very reasonable price.
     I also bought a tomato coring tool, a heavy duty scoop, a standard easy to sharpen metal vegetable peeler, mellon baller and a mini whisk for doing small amounts of fine sauces to order.  After more than twenty years in the restaurant business, I simply know what works best for the task!  Old traditional standard kitchen tools and equipment are usually better than modern fancy looking tools.  Just because a vegetable peeler looks like it can go one hundred miles an hour, it does not mean that it is the best peeler!  Boars hair pastry brushes are the best, but some health code districts only allow nylon bristle pastry brushes.  The hairs do not fall out of a well crafted pastry brush like the one in the pictures.
     Specialized mandolins and garnishing tools are available at this store.  New and rebuilt heavy duty restaurant machinery, sinks and coolers are well stocked too.
     Triple stones are the best for sharpening knives.  Mundial makes an affordable one that is good for home use or light restaurant use.  Stone oven slabs are necessary for baking unleavened breads and perfection pizzas.  Silicone bakeware is stocked.  Silicon pastry mats like the one in the pictures can be used to make fancy creations like caramel sugar and fresh mango fruit dessert garnishes.  Good tough narrow blade kitchen shears with a bone clipping notch are the best.  Teachers and students at Le Cordon Bleu really liked how the shears in the picture above performed.
     I highly recommend The Clark County Bar and Restaurant Supply Store in Las Vegas!  This is one of the best restaurant stores of its kind!  The staff is friendly and very helpful.  They do offer a ten percent discount to chef school students.  That discount really made my day!  ...  Shawna

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