Monday, July 22, 2013

Church's Fried Chicken

     Church's Fried Chicken
     Over the years, many friends from southern states, big city ghettos, farm country folk and even city slickers have mentioned that there is one fried chicken restaurant that stands above the rest.  According to the folks that really know good fried chicken, Church's is the best!
     Fried chicken restaurants are right on the borderline of being fast food joints, but they are not really fast food.  Some fried chicken restaurants fill the rest of the menu out with fast food junk items and some do not.  Church's Fried Chicken offers a menu full of good country style side dishes and condiments that traditionally go with fried chicken.  This menu strategy appealed to me.
     Church's is in the business of selling great high quality fried chicken that is cooked crisp and it is not greasy.  Maintaining high quality standards, cleanliness and offering good fast service is what makes Church's Fried Chicken customers happy.  Happy customers usually become repeat customers who can be counted on for future business.  

     Church's fried chicken has a good reputation for great fried chicken and they have built a solid clientele base of loyal customers.  Now Church's has me as one of their loyal customers, because I was impressed by how good their fried chicken was!  It was fried chicken, like how good fried chicken should be.

     Church's Fried Chicken has several locations in Las Vegas and I visited the site at Rancho near Highway 95.  The parking area is well lit.  This is a service business area and office park zone.  Working class neighborhood are nearby.  This location has easy street access.  Fried chicken sells good in a prime location like this!
     I recommend Church's Fried Chicken for any fan of good southern style fried chicken!  Church's Fried Chicken is not really fast food.  It is just simply some good cookin'!