Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Failing The Practice Run - The Fatburger Challenge, Las Vegas!

      I Came, I Saw, I Munched, I Failed!
     As readers already know, anti fast food sentiment is expressed in articles that are published in this food website.  As burger fanatics already know, Fatburger is not fast food.  There are no heat lamps or microwave ovens in any Fatburger shop.  Everything is cooked to order.  That is why I like Fatburger.

     Fatburger offers an eating challenge.  The prize for accomplishing the eating challenge is a certificate of completion, a photo of the challenge winner posted on the Wall Of Fame and a complimentary Fatburger Challenge T-Shirt.  That is plenty of incentive for taking on The Fatburger Challenge.
     The Fatburger Challenge involves eating a 24 ounce XXXL Fatburger topped off with fried egg, chili, cheese, bacon and all the fixings.  There is a 35 minute time limit for completing the Fatburger eating challenge.  
     For world champion eating challenge professionals, like Joey Chestnut, the Fatburger Challenge is an easy task.  For the rest of us, completing the challenge is a real accomplishment that deserves bragging rights.

     Customers that do the Fatburger Challenge are allowed to raise the level of difficulty.  Adding more burger patties to the challenge is what many contestants do, in order to increase the claim to fame, when their picture is posted on the Fatburger Challenge Wall Of Fame.  
     The current all time Fatburger XXX Challenge Champion is a guy named Jose.  Jose set the Fatburger Challenge Record at the Fatburger in West Hollywood, California.  Jose ate a 5 Pound Fatburger in less than 35 minutes!  Wow!
     One simply has to see the photo of Jose holding the burger, in order to understand just how magnanimous this unprecedented accomplishment actually was.  Here is a link to the Fatburger World Record Wall Of Fame Page:

     Since I am continuing my college education, sometimes I get into a mood to eat like a stereotypical college student.  While writing research papers from Friday through Sunday, sandwiches, subs, burgers, finger food and pizza are usually the only kind of food that is appealing.  Munch food rules over everything else, when writing heavy duty college assignments.  

     There is a Fatburger stand within walking distance of my home in Las Vegas.  A couple times a month I do a burger run and grab an 8 ounce or 16 ounce Fatburger, when I get hungry while doing school work.  I usually take my time eating the 16 ounce XXL Fatburger, but lately the urge to tackle the Fatburger Challenge became pretty strong.  I actually developed an interest in doing the Fatburger Eating Challenge.  
     When I got a 16 ounce XXL Fatburger a few weeks ago, I was very hungry and my tummy was growling.  I munched that one pound burger down in less than 25 minutes!  I then became confident that I could accomplish the Fatburger Eating Challenge.  I decided to test the water for doing the Fatburger Challenge, by ordering a 24 ounce XXXL Fatburger the next time that I craved food in a big way.  

     After a few weeks went by, there was a day when I found myself feeling super hungry and my tummy was growling as loud as Godzilla.  I figured that this was the best time to see if I could finish off a 24 ounce XXXL Fatburger in less than 35 minutes, just to determe whether I could accomplish the Fatburger Challenge.  I ordered the XXXL Fatburger with cheese and the regular toppings, so I would not be overwhelmed with extra burger toppings on this first attempt.
     Reality set in when I munched my way through about half of the 24 ounce XXXL Fatburger.  I soon realized that I was overconfident and overzealous.  Thinking about taking on the Fatburger Challenge started looking like a crazy idea that I never should have set into motion. 
     I simply could not eat another bite of the 24 ounce XXXL Fatburger with cheese.  In fact, I put the rest of the huge burger in the refrigerator and it took three days to finish the burger off.  My tummy was so full that I could hardly even function.  Just the thought of food caused great distress.
     I failed the pre-Fatburger Challenge test miserably and my ego was crushed! 

     Now I realize that there is no way that I can accomplish the Fatburger Eating Challenge.  Failing the practice run set my ego straight.  Oh, the agony of defeat!

     For those who are interested participating in the Fatburger Eating challenge, all I can say is be prepared for a possible agonizing defeat.  Eating a 24 ounce loaded Fatburger with every topping in less than 35 minutes is a mighty tough thing to accomplish.  I could not even come close to finishing the XXXL Fatburger with just cheese.  My own Fatburger Challenge goal faded away, like a desert mountain sunset.  

     One simply has to respect anybody that has their picture on the Fatburger Challenge wall of fame!

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