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Pinko Lemonade! - Las Vegas Distillery Booze Brothers Vodka

"Pinko Lemonade?"

     Sophisticated tastes? ... Bah!  Wine snobbery? ...  Bah!  Scotch hierarchy? ...  Bah!  Just forget about all the junk that comes with reality belief conditioning, brainwashing and advertising "proper-gander."  Forget about "keeping up with the Joneses" and just concentrate on having a good time!
     Sometimes having fun is all that counts.  When people are in a fun loving mood, there is no use being a sophisticated snobbish "party killer" who does not loosen up the necktie.  Either join in on the fun or go home!  
     During the last 25 years, countless cocktail and shooter recipes have been created.  Some are popular for a single day and some remain popular for many years to come.  Many bartenders simply do not pay any attention to the latest cocktail creations.  A lackadaisical attitude is to blame.  
     Many bartenders respond to wild cocktail customer requests by saying that they only pour standard drinks, because keeping up with the latest cocktail recipes is too difficult to do.  "Look Mr Bartender!  If the only color that you sell is gray, then why do you bother to tend bar at all.  Black and white movie reruns sure will not fill the theatre these days."  
     Customer requests at a bar should never be taken lightly.  A customer does not want to hear excuses or dumb elaborate assertions about why the request was denied.  Nobody at a bar wants to hear the stuff that "dear old grandpa" would say, anyway.  Customers do not want to hear negative anally retentive reasoning that amounts to nothing more than a hill of cheap excuses for being a "slacky."  "Get off the broomstick and get with the groove!"  
     Bartending is part of the entertainment industry.  A good suggestion for lackluster bartenders is to with the program and mix what the customer wants!  Better still, anticipate what the customer wants and create something even more exciting!  Entertain!
     I did not get perfect "A" grades in Psychology, Beverage Management, Dining Room Management and Restaurant Management classes in college by studying black and white print.  I achieved those high grades by presenting good ideas for research paper hypothesis, which were based upon insight gained during a long hospitality industry career.  I have seen every possible mistake that bar owners, bar managers and bartenders make during my career.  Many of the mistakes that are made behind a bar, directly affect customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.  The performance level of the crew behind the bar, directly affects customer flow and sales.
     A great lounge has bartenders who know endless cocktail recipes by heart and their mixology skills are beyond perfection.  A great bar is hoppin' because the patrons are entertained.  Good bars have regular loyal customers, because the customer satisfaction level is high.  
     Making changes that result in higher standards of excellence behind the bar does not justify higher prices.  High standards of excellence should have been part of the bar management program in the first place.  
     Great bartenders are not easy to find, because 99 times out of 100, a talented bartender already has a great job.  Discussing job applicant screening and employee recruiting in this article could fill volumes, that could be better learned in a formal culinary arts school program.  One thing that is certain, "there is no use kicking a dead horse."  There are bad reasons why some bartenders float from job to job and never remain for more than a short time.  Hiring a fresh new face, who has no motivation problem and who has great customer service skills, is often a better choice than hiring a experienced bartender "who has more baggage than what can be crammed in the trunk of a Cadillac taxi cab." 
     Anyway, so much for briefly delving into the beverage management arena.  Now it is time to get back to the party.  Party drinks tend to be simple drinks that are made with a trendy liquor brand names.     
     The vodka drinking crowd can be defined as two kinds of people.  Steadfast traditionalists and those who prefer what is en vogue.  Steadfast traditional vodka drinkers prefer classic Russian wheat grain vodka.  Those who drink vodka that is en vogue, seem to prefer trendy vodka brand names that their peers prefer.  It may be Finnish vodka one year and it may be French vodka for the next three years.  Popular vodka brand names come and go, but only traditional Russian vodka remains on the "top ten best vodka list" year after year.  
     Traditional Russian vodka is what I prefer.  I also like well crafted vodkas that are modeled after classic Russian vodka.  The Las Vegas Distillery makes an excellent Russian style wheat grain vodka that has a crisp well defined flavor.  Some say that vodka is a neutral grain spirit, but a hint of wheat can be tasted in top quality vodka.  The Las Vegas Distillery "Nevada Vodka" is made with organic wheat that is grown in Northern Nevada.  Great care is taken to harvest the wheat when it achieves a peak flavor.  
     The Nevada Vodka was one of the first products that the Las Vegas Distillery made.  Because it was a vodka, it was open to criticism by vodka experts.  Vodka experts do like the "Nevada Vodka" and in my opinion, it is the best vodka that is made in America.  Russian vodka drinkers would like this vodka, because it is like the old traditional Russian vodka from years gone by.  Those who prefer en vogue vodka, will just have to wait for this vodka to become popular with their peers, before jumping on the bandwagon. 
     Booze Brothers Beverages is a distribution company that is connected to the Las Vegas Distillery.  As part of promoting Booze Brothers Beverages, the Las Vegas Distillery did a production run of one liter premium vodka bottles with a Booze Brothers label.  The Las Vegas Distillery Booze Brothers Vodka is a grain vodka that has the same high quality standards as their Nevada Vodka product, but it is sold at a much cheaper promotional price.  
     Booze Brothers Vodka is perfect for mixing fun vodka cocktails.  One of the simplest modern vodka cocktails is a White Shark.  A White Shark is lemonade and vodka served over ice.  There really is no official name for a pink lemonade and vodka cocktail other than Pink Lemonade, Hard Pink Lemonade or Russian Pink Lemonade. 
     Since the Blues Brothers (Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi) represented classic blues, rhythm & blues, soul and old school timeless values, paralleling those timeless traditions with the high standards of the Las Vegas Distillery Booze Brothers Vodka production was well within order.  
     During the Blues Brothers heyday, the word "Pinko" was a derogatory description that referred to an American suspected of being a communist sympathizer.  In the old days, a customer who drank Russian vodka in an all American patriotic small town corner tavern was subject to being looked upon as being a pinko.  
     When Russian American relations eased up after the old "Iron Curtain" became rusty, every American and their mother seemed to prefer Russian vodka.  Words like "Pinko" started to become a thing of the past.  In recent modern times, the word "Pinko" seems to only be used in comical situations.  Calling an American a pinko now results in a reaction of someone saying "Oh yeah!  I remember those days!"  Then some laughter starts after somebody mentions "Archie Bunker" or something.  The use of the word pinko has taken a lighter turn.  
     Blues Brothers, Booze Brothers, Russia, Pink Lemonade and Vodka add up to one good name for a classic pink lemonade and vodka cocktail.  Pinko Lemonade!  Da, Comrade!  Prost!  
     Just be sure not to forget the teeny little umbrella garnish out of respect for the original Blues Brothers.  By the way, a Pinko Lemonade is excellent when paired with Canned Cheese Whiz and Crackers!  Yum!  ...  Shawna   

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