Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Desert Wildflower Honey and Venison Jerky at Miguel's Country Market ~ Beatty, Nevada!

     Miguel's Country Market
     Miguel's Country Market is located at 1100 North Highway 95 in Beatty, Nevada.  This location is on the set side of the road, about a mile or two south of main street.  The country market signage is easy to spot from the road.
     There are antique shops and plenty of sights to see nearby.  Beatty, Nevada hosts a historic district on main street where old fashioned saloons can be found.  This area is a good place to stretch the legs, get a bite to eat and do some roadside stand shopping, before heading to Las Vegas, Rhyolite, Death Valley or north to Reno.
     Miguel's Country Market is one of the better roadside stands in the desert southwest region.  This market is clean, well organized and the service is friendly.  Dried fruits and nuts of every kind are available.  Mason jars of pickles, jams, jellies, stuffed olives and good cocktail onions line the shelves.  Beef jerky and western wild game jerky of every kind is in stock.  I got a good pricy on a big bag of Spicy Venison Jerky while I was there.  
     Miguel's Country Market has a vast selection of honey.  Standard light honey, like clover honey is available for a much lower price than what can be found at standard grocery stores.  Of course, Wild Desert Flower Honey was my choice when shopping.
     For those who have never experienced Wild Desert Flower Honey, it is one of the darkest and richest tasting honeys of them all.  The arid desert air has a way of extracting any excess moisture from the honey while it is still in the hive and the wildflower flavors are naturally concentrated.  Most desert plant and cactus flowers have a naturally strong flavor.  A hint of the strong desert wildflower flavors can be tasted in this honey.
     Desert Wildflower Honey is naturally great tasting and well worth giving a try.  One of the best traditional southwester recipes for getting the most out of honey is Sopapilla.  Traditional sopapillas are nixtamal corn flour griddle cakes that are smothered with honey.  This is a simple recipe that only combines two flavors, so the flavor of the honey really counts.  Strong rich tasting Desert Wildflower Honey is the ultimate choice for Sopapillas!
     I definitely recommend Miguel's Country Market for travelers on Highway 95 that are passing through Beatty!  This is one of the best roadside stands around!