Sunday, August 3, 2014

Beef Shawarma To-Go at the delicatessen in the Mediterranean Market, Las Vegas!

Armenian Nazook

Great selection of old world food and good prices!

     I published an article about the Mediterranean Market a little bit more than a year ago.  As Las vegas residents know, this market is the "go to" place for Middle Eastern, Persian, Arabic, Egyptian, North African, Turkish, Grecian and Armenian food.  A wide variety of prepared food, canned goods, cheese, teas and sweet treats from the old world can be found at this market.  The fresh produce department has a unique selection of popular Middle Eastern vegetables.  This market has a full butcher shop that specializes in old world style cuts of meat.  
     To read more about the details of the Mediterranean Market in the previous article, follow this link:  The Mediterranean Market in Chinatown, Las Vegas!   

     Catering to the needs of customers is is what the Mediterranean Market is all about.  Since the time that I published the old article, The Mediterranean Market added a delicatessen style restaurant.  Now customers can order freshly cooked meals while they shop.  The deli menu is extensive and the prices are a bargain.  The deli food is hand crafted and authentic.  The old traditional flavors will bring back many pleasant memories.

     Going shopping for food when hungry is always a good way to drain the bank account.  When hungry at a market, everything looks good and it is far too easy to fill grocery cart sky high with food.  I was hungry as a hippo when I stepped through the doors.  I had to gather myself and find some self control or I would be broke before my next college tuition support check arrived.  Fortunately, the delicatessen is located near the entrance of the market, so the first thing I did was place an order, so I could fend off my hunter gatherer instincts.  
     Originally, I thought falafel was what I had in mind, but when I saw Beef Shawarma on the menu, I almost started to drool.  As anybody from the Middle East and Turkey knows, beef shawarma is classic old world munch food.  Fresh marinate beef is slowly roasted on a big Turkish donor kabob skewer, just like gyro meatloaf at a Greek restaurant.  The beef is sliced off of the kabob onto a warm Khubz Arabi (pita).  The meat is garnished with vegetables and a thin goat milk yogurt sauce that is flavored with traditional herbs and spices.  The flat bread it rolled into a cylinder shape, then it is grilled in a panini press till it becomes lightly toasted.  Beef Shawarma has been around for many centuries and there is one good reason why.  The flavor is fresh and awesome tasting!  

     While at the market I purchased some turmeric, lupini beans, virgin olive oil al peperoncino and Armenian String Cheese.  I had a craving for something sweet and the Armenian Nazook really looked good.  Nazook is an Armenian rolled walnut and butter pastry.  Just like classic European pastries, Nazook is not excessively sweet.  Honestly the price was hard to beat.  For $3.50, I got 12 Nazook pastries.  That is a real deal in this day and age!

     * One word of caution concerning lupini beans.  Lupini Beans were one of the favorite foods of the Romans.  Lupini Beans are very bitter and they contain a toxic poison called Lupin.  Lupini beans need to be soaked in salt water and drained several times.  The beans also have to be simmered and drained several times.  After the leaching process is completed, there should be no bitter flavor.  No bitter flavor means that the toxins have been removed. 

     The Mediterranean Market is located at 6020 Spring Mountain Road, near the intersection of Jones in Las Vegas.  Korea Town is a few blocks away and the Mediterranean Market is located on the edge of the Chinatown shopping district. 

    Once again, I recommend the Mediterranean Market for those who crave traditional Mediterranean food!  I also now highly recommend the cuisine at the delicatessen in the Mediterranean Market!  This market deli is close to the Las Vegas Strip, so there is no excuse for visitors to not experience classic mouth watering old world flavors.  Yum!           

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