Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Habib's Mediterranean Market - Habib's Persian Cuisine, Las Vegas!

     Luxurious Persian Fine Dining In Las Vegas! 
     The first time that I dined at Habib's Persian Cuisine I was in awe.  When I stepped through the doors I did not expect to see a luxurious Persian dining room setting.  Marble floors, elegant furnishings and large gold leaf frame paintings were indicators of a restaurant that took great pride in in its products and services.  The service was formal and the food was presented with classic style.  The two vegetarian menu items that I tried were prepared with authenticity in mind.  Habib's Persian Cuisine was quite impressive to say the least!   
     Here is a hyperlink that leads to the Habib's Persian Cuisine Article that I wrote in the recent past.  A link to Habib's Persian Cuisine website is also listed.
     Habib's Mediterranean Market
     Just like the dining room atmosphere at Habib's, the Mediterranean Market is tastefully designed as well.  The market floor space is somewhat small, but the selection of high quality items is superb.  Words like luxury and elegance often intimidate shoppers, because high prices are associated with these terms.  This is not the case at Habib's Mediterranean Market!  The prices offer value and many bargains can be found.  
     Habib's Mediterranean Market is like an old world bazaar.  Plenty of Middle Eastern specialty food items line the shelves and there is a great selection fine Persian tableware, plates, glasses and old world decor.  Everything from fancy scrolled Middle Eastern style gold leaf plated clocks to classic works of art can be found in this market.  A few of the plates that I used for food presentation for years finally chipped or cracked in recent weeks.  I needed some new stylish dinner plates and Habib's has a nice selection.  The Mediterranean style plate in the photos above will be nice for presenting Middle Eastern food.
     Habib's has good prices on classic olive oil and grape seed oil from the Middle East.  In fact, the prices are lower than at common grocery stores in the valley.  Fresh regional Mediterranean bread, pastries, cookies and candy are available.  There are many Persian pickle products, fruit preserves and condiments to choose from.  

     Middle Eastern cooking utensils, kitchenware and extra long sword kabob skewers can be found at Habib's Market.  The sword skewers are two to three feet in length and they are sturdy enough to carry a great amount of grilled food.  For backyard chargrill BBQ party enthusiasts, a big sword kabob skewer loaded with marinated steak, chicken and vegetables could earn the ultimate respect from guests!  
     I purchased one long sword skewer a few weeks ago and could not wait to put it to the test.  The photo above demonstrates just how much food can be loaded on one of these classic Persian Arabic skewers.  The sword skewers easily held two large Jordanian Za'atar Chicken Breasts, Two Marinated Ball Sirloin Steaks, Sausages and Mini Sweet Peppers.  One large sword skewer that is fully loaded can feed four guests!  A recipe for that sword kabob will be published soon.  
     I liked the sword skewer, because it opens the door for creating impressive food presentations.  I mentioned these skewers to the butcher at The Butcher Block while I was shopping and he genuinely took interest in the potential of these skewers being the showcased in backyard chargrill party events. While shopping during a second visit at Habib's, I picked up a couple more sword skewers for doing large platter presentations.  Intrinsically, these long flat blade skewers are a great deal for a chef that likes to impress guests!

     Hard to find items like Persian Arabic Saffron Concentrate, Mediterranean Sardines, Grape Molasses, Date Molasses and flavored water for cooking can be found at this market.  Historically, the Arabic and Persian spice trade is legendary.  Great deals on bulk spices and herbs can be found.  I purchased a bulk package of Tarragon for not even one tenth of the price that regular grocery store charge.  Like I said, some great bargains can be found at Habib's!     

      Habib's Persian Cuisine and Mediterranean market is located at 2575 South Decatur, about one half block south of Sahara in Las Vegas.  This central valley location is fairly close to the Las Vegas Strip.

     Habib's Mediterranean Market is very easy to highly recommend!  Culinary enthusiasts will surely like what this specialty market has to offer!  Yum!

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