Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bourbon Boar at the Bacon Bar, Las Vegas!

     This article was moved to JD's Scenic Southwestern Travel Destination Blog.  The article was converted to a compilation format in an article that features Las Vegas taverns.  
     Here is the link: 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Recent Changes

     A Long Overdue Announcement
     I have 2 weeks off from college, so I will be doing extensive work on this website and the 3 other websites that I created recently.  The new website links can be found on the top right section of this page.

    • The Breakfast Recipes, Southwestern & Mexican Cuisine Recipes, Travel Destination and Event Articles are being moved to the new websites.

     • All of the fancy High Cuisine recipe articles will be moved to a new website that I will create in a few days.

     • This website, JD's Food and Recipe Blog will be  retained and the website theme will be International Comfort Food.  Comfort Food Recipes have always been the "bread & butter" of this website, so sticking with this theme is a good plan to pursue.

     • On a semi-sad note, the Restaurant Articles will be transposed into Travel Destination Articles.  The reason is to avoid any possible conflict of interest, because I will be returning to work in the hospitality industry next summer, after completing the Culinary Management BA Degree Program.
     The Individual Restaurant Articles, and Restaurant Cuisine Category Articles will be the result of the transposed literary material.  The converted article will be posted at the JD's Scenic Southwestern Travel Destination Website.  The reason being?  When folks travel, they want to know where to find some good grub!

     Thank y'all and have a great Holiday Season!